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In the grey where all life seems to fade and what's remaining will wither away.
We were all just born to rot, we can't escape our fate.
Silence will swallow the earth and we will all just sink in the dirt.
The valley of the shadow of death will devour every fucking man.
Raised to fall in line, leading the sheep to the slaughter.
They control their minds embedded deep in the conscience.
I refuse to fall for their tricks, for a fucking world that just can't take a hint.
Followers to their creeds unknown, exactly who stands upon the thrown.
Can't comprehend their own existence, require them to be the witness.
Feeble minds deserve a cleansing, collapsing the people's idolatry.
Self destruction is all that's needed to make this planet be defeated.
When you see my eyes do you see the same weakness,
calculating every move to find the same defense.
The same fucking masquerade that plagues your day to day has left you in a position where you can only pray.
You better hope you're heard because at the rate that you have gone, nobody will ever come to save you when death sings your song.
As your last breathe draws and your life begins to flash. Understand that this world will never come back.
Now! See your life flash before your very eyes, begin to seep the consequence of life


released June 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Birthing the Aftermath Albuquerque, New Mexico

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